I believe in heart pounding, bleeding edge projects that blur the lines between art and technology. I believe that our industry is on the cusp of unprecedented upheavals in technology and new markets, and that the survival advantage will lie with those who can quickly and repeatedly adapt to these new frontiers. I believe that in a highly effective team, much like the hologram, each individual is a representation of the whole, and contains within a responsibility for the overall picture. I believe in my ability to be an indispensable asset that will bring professionalism, optimism, humor, teamwork and a childlike wonder to the most challenging of nerd-crafts.

To make this possible, I use the latest tools from Unity, Autodesk, EON VUE, Adobe and many other exciting studio applications to create realistic, artistic, hyper unique, ultra secret, visually compelling environmental and special assets for use in digital media, training facilities, simulation, games, television, film and much more. I have a firm grasp of asset development, limitations and dependencies. I love working with talented designers, programmers and producers to perfect that delicate balance between jaw dropping aesthetics, implementation time and performance.  Clear, concise communication and a love for beautifully executed production is what I am all about.

A few things I believe in:

Mixed Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality

Photo-realistic Rendering

Advanced Prototyping


Technical Direction


Motion Capture

World Building

Render Farming

Multi-Application Camera Integration


Technical Artistry

Scientific / Engineering / Military/ Medical Visual Prototyping 

Drawing and Painting

Key Softwares: 

• Maya • VUE • Adobe CC • Unity

…and many more advanced applications

“A person who has multiple degrees in your field isn’t always better than someone who has broad experience and a great personality.” ~ Richard Branson