Recent Feature Film Work:

“Drumline 2”

  • After Effects (Compositing, Effects, Rotoscoping)

The crowd shots were all rotoscoped and added in post production.


Blue Lagoon: Awakening

I did the bats in the cave scene here.

  • Maya (Modeling, Rigging, Animation)
  • After Effects (Compositing, Effects, Post)



Reach Me

Environment Designer

  • VUE (Environment Design)

:: Video Coming Soon ::


Some Broadcast TV Work:

Compositing work I have done for “The Mentalist

  • Maya (Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting)
  • Photoshop (Texturing)
  • Mocha (Motion Capture)
  • After Effects (Compositing, Editing, Post Production)


Work for “Through The Wormhole

  • Maya (Simulation and Modeling)
  • After Effects (Compositing, Effects, Post)

:: Video Coming Soon ::


Charter Cable Commercial Commercial Spot

  • Illustrator (Art Assets)
  • After Effects (Motion,Post Production)