I am the proud recipient of a BA in Art Technology from the famous Art Institute of Chicago.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Stephanie Andrews
Founder | Artist | Innovator | Lecturer

“James was one of my star students while teaching 3D graphics and animation at the Art Institute. He was always excited about and dedicated to the projects he was working on, and he didn’t just do run of the mill work. He was constantly investigating new aesthetics and ideas, and pushed himself to master new skills. One of his particular strengths is his ability to apply that flexibility of production process very successfully. He is a talented and hard-working digital artist that definitely get’s my recommendation!”

January 29, 2003, Stephanie taught James at School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The process of invention is integral to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s (SAIC) Department of Art and Technology Studies curriculum.

Complex technological systems comprise much of the support structure and communications environment we rely on in daily life. We artists are relentlessly appropriating, repurposing, and subverting these systems in order to critique their provenance, reveal their hidden potentials, unlock experiential possibilities, or suggest alternative social frameworks. Often the seeds of new creative behaviors are hidden within the very complexity and instability of modern technological systems, waiting to be released. While technology can be applied in traditional disciplines, in Art and Technology Studies our discipline is one of invention through the generation, hacking, and subversion of systems.

Emerging technologies often stimulate the invention of new forms. Faculty and students in art and technology studies not only create new aesthetic experiences, but often the very tools and processes with which they are achieved. Through the department’s innovative curriculum, creating and manipulating objects, images, sound, text, music, voice, and movement are explored in tandem with custom-written software, emerging materials, unconventional processes, and new methods of integration with other technologies and fields of practice.

The Art and Technology Studies curriculum is grouped within the following conceptual areas:


Some art I made with graphite back in school.  I have a vast drawing portfolio that needs uploading.  Thanks for your patience.