My skills have been used for much more than Games, TV, Film and Applications.  Below are some examples of advanced prototyping for but not limited to:


Examples Below:

Work for DARPA Novawurks Hyper-Integrated Satlet system
:: Contracted work through

Software I used to create this video



Orbital Transports

Safe, affordable orbital transport solutions (Software used to create this :: Maya, VUE, Genetica and Photoshop)


Lockheed Martin :: Innovations Project V1 (Advanced Aeronautics)  :: Contract work I did through

The following gallery is just test vehicles and particle “looks” for the project.  If you watch the video above, you will see which ones they approved.


Lockheed Martin :: “Speaking of the Future” Project through

Software I used to help create this video ::


ADAM Lidar Drone Solutions

Software I used to create this video ::


Many of these projects were provided to me by